The Wall of Development

Among the international businesses that call Amarillo home, Global Animal Products, Inc., located on the aptly-named Airway Boulevard, is truly a high flyer. Global Animal Products manufactures and markets mineral supplement products primarily to the feedlot cattle, poultry, and dairy industries. As their name implies, Global Animal Products conducts business on a global scale-in the U.S., South Africa, Brazil, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand.

Ken Ridenour, the sole shareholder and President of Global, is a technology leader in the industry and it shows when you visit the company. A hallway at Global Animal Products (pictured above) is lined with certificates that document Ken and his company’s role in four U.S. patents, six foreign patents, and 30 U.S. and foreign trademarks. It’s an impressive sight in the eyes of this intellectual property attorney. Gary Gulp, the long-time Chief Operating Officer of Global Animal Products, ribs me about how much money they’ve spent on “that wall.”

By Burdett, Morgan, Williamson & Boykin LLP

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